The Death of Worry - Sermon 1

Join Pastor Lee as he begins a new series called "The Death of Worry". All of us find ourselves worried about something at one time or another. Bills, relationships, aging, and health are nagging worries for most of us. What if your life didn't have to be consumed by worry? Be sure to check out each week of this series to learn how your worries can be cast into the grave.

2-5-17 No Grasshopper Complex Please

After 45 years of ministry, the last 17 as the Senior Pastor of Sloan's Lake Community Church, Pastor Ed Nelson has retired. This is the last sermon that he shared with our congregation, and also happened to be the first sermon he shared with us 17 years ago. The truths of this message are just as relevant today as they were when he first brought us this message. Please listen and be blessed by this message.

1-22-17 Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing - The Great Commission (Pastor Ed Nelson)

As Pastor Ed is moving towards retirement he wants to make sure he leaves while pointing the church in the right direction. Today's sermon is part 2 of a 3 part series designed to help us know what the main things are in the lives of a christian, and the focus is on the Great Commission.

Seeing God's Way

It's easy to get caught up in seeing things from a human/earthly perspective, but Pastor Ed calls us to see things from a new point of view. Join Pastor Ed in this next to last sermon in the Best of the Best series, a sermon entitled "Seeing God's Way"

8-14-16 A Sermon by Josh Duncan

Message given August 14, 2016. This message was delivered by John Duncan. Josh is a child of SLCC. He grew up in this church, and is now attending a nearby seminary. Pastor Ed invited Josh to come and share a message with the congregation while he was on vacation. Josh skillfully address one of the most confusing sections in the Bible, a story found in 2 Kings chapter 2. Josh has a heart for skeptics of the Christian faith, and this passage is often used by skeptics to demonstrate why they simply can't believe in the God of the Bible. Listen in as Josh brings clarity to this troubling story.

A sermon taken from 2 Kings chapter 2

A sermon taken from 2 Kings chapter 2