We at SLCC seek to show Christ's love to those in Denver, Colorado, the USA and to foreign lands. We do this by raising funds above and beyond the money it takes to keep ministry going within our four walls. We call that Faith Promise Funds. From time to time we also send work teams to places that need special help. We have missionaries to South and Central America. A teacher in an Islamic nation, among many other things. Below is list of the mission projects we currently support.

Heart to Honduras:

Sloan's Lake Community Church partners with Heart to Honduras; a holistic ministry that serves to the spiritual and physical needs of Honduras and other Central American countries. For more information go to: http://www.hth.org.

Specifically we have a sister church in Honduras: Lirios de Armenta.

Lirios de Armenta is in a suburb of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The church is well back off the main road and is in a very poor part of the city. The immediate community has about 300 families. Many people live along the river; it is there they wash, bathe and drink while raw sewage runs into the river. The water system that is piped into the area flows from a tank that is contaminated. The children of Armenta are often sick. Skin diseases are common.

Heart to Honduras helped Lirios de Armenta build their church building. The lot was given to them by the developer of the area. When the developer saw that North Americans were helping the church he then demanded payment for the lot. The government has since declared that the property belongs to the church free and clear.

Pastor Neptali Lopez and his wife Lucia lead the congregation of about 70 adults; 100 are believers. They also have 60 children and 16 youth to whom they minister. Their children Joseh, Addoni, Rachel and Geisi help. The older of their two children lead the children and the youth of Lirios de Armenta.

Pastor Neptali was born again around twenty years ago. From that moment he knew that God had a call for his life in Christian ministry. He told us that God spoke to him and said, "Why not minister in San Pedro Sula?" He didn't want to but God changed his heart and gave him a passion for the city. The ministry is very hard for Pastor and his family. When he first started ministry in Lirios de Armenta he had to catch a bus and ride for more than thirty minutes to get to the church. He now has a van that was provided by a Catholic woman who was touched by his ministry. Little by little God has provided for him and his family. Pastor Neptali currently works as an auto body repair man. Although he doesn't have regular income and often Lucia does not know where the next meal will come from. The church pays almost nothing because they are so poor.

Our partnership with this church will begin to help by offering pastoral support of $200 per month; which will allow Pastor Neptali to work full time with his people and the community without the need to work a second job. As our partnership grows we may find ways to help them buy the lots they need and then build the new buildings that Pastor Neptali envisions.


SLCC also recognizes our own neighborhood and provides free breakfasts every Saturday at 9:00 AM to the homeless in the Denver area. Our church usually has between 30 and 60 homeless people attend this free breakfast. We provide these people with a loving and judgement free environment.


  • Harvest House for Women: A ministry which ministers to homeless women and their children. They help them to be come drug free, teach them to become responsible people and parents, share the Word of God and love them back to wholeness in Christ.

  • Children of Promise: This ministry support orphaned or abandoned children in numerous foreign countries. Save Our Youth - this a Denver area ministry that works with you to bring them to a knowledge of Christ by joining a youth with an adult mentor.

  • Whiz Kids Tutoring:  Whiz Kids mission is to help improve the lives of disadvantaged kids through academic tutoring, positive mentoring relationships and spiritual nurture. Whiz Kids trains tutors to provide extra literacy and math help to under-privileged students who are struggling academically.

    Whiz Kids has tutoring locations in Denver, Aurora, Adams and Jefferson County, Littleton, and the Western Slope! Our sites are communities of multiple pairs of volunteers and students. The relationships improve self-esteem, foster a sense of accomplishment, and improve reading scores. Our vision is to tutor and mentor in the Spirit of Christ.  http://www.whizkidstutoring.com